We help your business in construction grow the capabilities of your people to increase competitiveness, profit and client satisfaction.

Our focus areas

Building & Infra Contractors

Increase project profitability, on time delivery and quality.

Going from functioning in silos to Lean, Agile & Integrated Project Delivery, Building Industrialisation and Digitalisation through BIM. 


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Material Suppliers & Prefab

Increase processes agility, flexibility and reliability to better supply your project based clients.

When manufacturing, improve safety, quality, delivery and cost through Operational Excellence practices. 


Property Developers

Improve the process from opportunity spotting to execution.

During execution, meet budget, ensure on time delivery and quality applying Lean, Agile, Integrated Project Delivery & Digitalisation through BIM.

Architects & Engineers

Increase design and engineering process agility and flexibility.

Improve quality, on time delivery and cost to better serve your clients by applying Agile Design, Lean and BIM practices.




Meet budget, lead time & quality objectives by aligning design, procurement and operations.

Apply Agile Design, Lean Manufacturing and 3D modeling practices.

Project business

Increase processes agility, flexibility and reliability to better supply your clients.

When manufacturing or assembling, improve safety, quality, delivery and cost through Operational Excellence, Lean & Agile practices.


What it means to you

We can help you improve your performance. We develop the capabilities of your people so that you can benefit from their knowledge after we leave. We develop a collaborative way of working and reduce functional silos. This will lead to an increase in your market attractiveness as a business in construction.

Our approach goes beyond implementing tools. It is about making your organisation change & grow in maturity; from a firefighting modus towards anticipating the future by collaborative teamwork.

Coming from the industry, we translated more than 10 years of expertise in Lean & Operational Excellence transformations to the construction world. It makes us well positioned to support you with Building Excellence and Digitalization.


Our Solutions

People Trained

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Our Experts

A dedicated team of 20 skilled experts. Before starting to work, we will give you the opportunity to meet our team in order to ensure the closest personal fit.

Core team


Co-founder & Senior Lean Consultant


Co-founder & Program Manager


Senior Lean consultant

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