• Sector : Wood carpentry
  • Challenges :
    Extra handling ; wasted time; extra motion
  • Results :
    50% reduction of handling time
  • Location : Belgium

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5S in wood storage area
Building - Carpenter

5S in wood storage area

In this workshop, the raw material storage zone was organized with multi-layered racks. Lots of raw material from executed projects were still in stock, using space on the racks that were fully loaded.

New incoming materials had to be stored on the floor in front of the racks, making access to racks impossible without moving them. The storekeeper had to use the forklift to first clear the area and then carry needed materials to the production line.

By using the 5S methodology, the multidisciplinary project team managed to reduce storage capacity needed. Eliminating storage on the floor in front of the racks. It reduced by half the time needed to supply raw materials to the production line.

In addition, visual management (Kanban system) was set up to eliminate the risk of running out of standard raw materials and walking aisles were visualized to improve safety in the zone.