Lean & Agile best practices

In building industry a Wood Carpentry typically works for multiple construction projects in parallel.  Addressing the efficient servicing of each of these clients tends to be a challenge.  So…

Lean best practices


  1. Disorganized warehouse
  2. No transparency on inventory
  3. Risk to run out of needed material
  4. Lots of outdated consumables and useless material

This meant wasted time in…

Process improvement


This hotel building project is described by two main challenges : 

  1. Short lead times requested by client to open hotel on time
  2. No space to…
Lean best practices

About the project & challenges

On this shipbuilding project in Sri Lanka, the main challenge was misalignment between core teams: design, procurement and production teams. This increased the risk of…

Lean best practices

In this workshop, the raw material storage zone was organized with multi-layered racks. Lots of raw material from executed projects were still in stock, using space on the racks…