Support Project Delivery

Support Project Delivery

We support specific construction project teams with implementing AEC Best practices :

In Design phase:

    1. Ensuring design to budget through Target Value Design reducing risk to design over budget 
    2. Agile Collaborative Design to ensure On Time In Full design delivery

In Engineering phase:

    1. One Piece Flow design through micro-zoning to optimize project delivery lead times (digital or analog)
    2. Lean Collaborative Preparation from Last Planner® System to ensure efficient execution reducing idle time on site (digital or analog)
    3. Set up Just-In-Time prefab & material delivery to reduce excessive inventory and optimize crane and team's time
    4. Set up Lean Logistics through 5S to set up a safe and efficient workplace
    5. Set up Integrated Quality Control processes using digital tools to ensure right first time execution reducing double work and rework

In Construction phase:

    1. Weekly Collaborative planning sessions from Last Planner® System (digital or analog) to synchronize all teams on site to work according to defined flow
    2. Sustain 5S on site (material containers, stock management, material, machines and people optimized flow) to maintain a safe and efficient workplace
    3. Following up on Integrated Quality Controls through digital tools to ensure right first time execution reducing double work and rework
    4. Daily stands and Visual Performance Management based on relevant on-site KPIs to keep continuous insights and team alignement on daily operations and performance
    5. Continuous Lean wastes reduction (continuous improvement practices) to eliminate deviations and ensure continuous control on daily operations at high performance level